Practical is better than theory

One learned man lived in a remote village on the bank of a river named THE GANGES.. For an emergent purpose he had to go to the nearby town which is situated the opposite side of the afternoon he had set his mind to go to the town. Then he went to the river and there saw a boatman was waiting for him on the boat.Seeing him he asked the learned man ,”will you go to the boat”?

Simply answered,”yes”. After sitting on the boat he thought a lot of. Then boatman started his journey and very often he looked at the passenger.Then learned man asked the boatman ,”What ‘s your name”?The boatman answered “Ramu”.Then he asked,”what class did you read in?”Ramu said,”class two?”He laughed loudly as HO HO…..Learned man said,”how many years do you engage yourself in this job?” Ramu said ,”probably five years”.Then said,’do you know what is the formula of water’? Ramu looks gravely and said na babu i am a foolish person.Then pandit said,”twenty five percent of your life is meaningless.”After a few minutes pandit repeatedly said, “do you know about the properties of water”? Ramu repeatedly said ,‘na babu,i am an innocent foolish ignorant illeterate person,who will say about the properties of water?’hearing this pandit was laughing HO,HO……. Ramu was ashamed of. After a few minutes later pandit used to say,” seventy Five percent of your life is meaningless.”Then five minutes no correspondence is made between each other.In this mean time there was a deep black cloud in the north-west,a cyclone covered the area ,water of the river enlarged, the boat was swing , passenger of the boat feared ,request the boatman to save his life from danger. The Boatman saw that wise pandit was begging his life from an illiterate boatman.He was stunned and say ,”Learned pandit do you know how to swim or art of the swim”?The pandit begged with fear that did not.After hearing this Ramu said,It seems to me one hundred percent of your life is meaningless”.

From this it is clear that PRACTICAL knowledge is better than THEORETICAL knowledge.